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We strive to create new web solutions to meet the current demand of today´s businesses.

Our team use effective strategies in website design and development to help you reach your customers with an original navigation experience.

Website Design

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Web Design

Our visual design implementation can reflect a clean and personalised image of your brand. This will offer an innovative user interface for your visitors.

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We offer full integrated analytics for knowing the effectiveness of your website and how your traffic interact with it.

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While web design plays with the eyes of your visitors, our development team works behind to ensure the hosting, domain and functionality of your site.

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Regardless of the device from which your clients will access, your site will always adapt to their screen size for offering a great navigation experience.

mobile-responsiveness, website design, web design london

Design that engages

Did you know that in 9 big countries across the globe, mobile represents more than 70% of the total time spent on devices?


In order to engage with your audience is vital that your site´s interface adapts completely to the device used. Therefore all our web design projects are built in using responsive technology for offering your users an optimised viewing experience at any time.

Adapted Premium solutions

At indratek we understand that some businesses have a limited marketing budget. That´s why  we keep our costs low to suit your needs.


We believe that high quality web development doesn’t have to cost a fortune for small and medium size businesses. Our expertise in web development give businesses access to solutions used by large budget companies without involving in high costs.


We always balance your investment according to the result you a re looking for, and we make it happen.

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Additional Features

You can integrate any of the additional features in your web development process to improve your site´s structure

Chat System

Have instant communication with your customers through a real-time chat system from your website. It can be also managed through your smarthphone.


Replicate your page around the world and give your clients a faster response by reducing load time. Guarantee that your site will be up 99.99% of times.

Online Stores (eCommerce)

If  you have products or services to sell online, an e-commerce can be your best solution . It will make it easier for your clients to purchase at any moment.


Study the behaviour of your online visitors with heat-map reports and Video funnel recordings, all accessible through your own dashboard.

CRM Integration

We can also integrate your client´s management system with your website by migrating its files in the file´s format that adapts most to your needs.

Domain transference

Need to move your website to another domain? By extracting your system files and webpage content from your CMS we can migrate it to the new domain you desire.

Security Certificates

Give your customers the certainty that their data is well protected with a Certificate of Security in your site. This will also help to improve your SEO positioning on Search Engines. website design

Analytical integration codes

We use Google Tag Manager to integrate all the necessary UTM parameters in your website in order to track your visitors behaviour effectively. New intgerations include also Facebook Ads panel and re-marketing campaigns from Google.

Why hosting with us?

Our website development process include reliable hosting providers for establishing a solid presence from the ground up.


We rely on fast servers to ensure your site is always up.

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Million of Online shoppers


Million of smartphone users worldwide

Our Website design process

Our designer´s team will keep you informed during the web design process, with a full-range of themes for you to choose exactly the ones you like.


Sketches and mock-ups are designed to give you a visual appearance of the website for visitors. Once approved the web development will begin.


Primary pages are revised in accordance to your feedback. Later on, all the secondary pages are designed and created.


Primary site pages are created while meeting the appearance, performance and content requirements. Your revision and feedback will be present during the whole phase.

Review & launch

The website will be tested and reviewed across all its functionalities. It will be uploaded and go live, and after a successful week trial the project will be considered completed.

Once your website is launched, we take care of position it properly for search engines & drive organic traffic to it.


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