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Online Integrations

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A range of web related services

An additional part of our web development services to empower your business from the inside.

Unify these services with your website´s internal structure or databases, and start using systems that will help you improve your performance.

Integrations & online services we offer

Data encryption & security

Data & website migration

Web hosting

Email hosting

Website & channels analytics

Market research tools

Email marketing campaigns

Newsletter campigns


Ticket systems

File systems

Inventory systems

Website hosting, encryption & migration

Acquiring the domain you look for and looking for an adequate hosting service, will be always done according to your specifications during our web development process.

We provide full hosting services for integrating your business from the start and saving you time with external providers. We rely on solid hosting providers to guarantee your site will be constantly up and save from potential threats.

Migration and storage

Migrating your website or database for performance reasons is something that many companies have to confront once they´ve reached a certain amount of internal information. That´s why we offer full integrated migration service to transfer your data safely and store it securely according to your requirements.

Encryption & security

When it is about security, at Indratek we take this matter serious for our clients. That´s why we always look after your security needs for keeping your information save from any exposures.

SSL Security Certificates

Hidden wp-admin link

Cpanel Double authorization factor

Temporary Cpanel blocking after ``X`` trials

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Website and SM channels Analytics

At Indratek we know that analysing your performance during the time is vital for improving in the short and long term. We combine different indicators of measurement according to your goals  in order to measure the data that matter to you.

We adapt to different measure tools regarding your Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and Google +)  in order to have an in-depth perspective of your potential market in the online landscape.

We study the information that matters by administering your CMS & monitoring results with:

Google analytics (Reporting and Feedback)

Social media analytics (Reporting and Feedback)

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Customized systems

Ticket, file & inventory systems

A ticket system allows both your clients and your partners to carry a case tracking system just by raising an online ticket. This will help you to keep a track record of different operations inside your company. A files and inventory system will help you to take track of your orders easily and the internal processes within your business.


All the necessary tools in a restricted space only available for you and your partners/workers. This can also be adapted following specific characteristics regarding your business. You can always select your security levels and set minimum requirements for accessing.

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Email solutions

Hosting & maintenance

Our web development services include email hosting, but you can always create your own domain in order to host your email database. It all starts by simply selecting how many emails you´ll like and their security level. Later on, we provide you with the CPanel and the tools to manage your email list.

Newsletter campaigns

Collect your prospects email´s using the right strategies. Build up your contact list and offer your clients the right promotions, services or content at the right moment.

Market research tools

Survey design & run

Design surveys that appeal to users & collect relevant information from them. We always strive to get a high response rate by adopting the right channel proliferation.

Advanced tools integration

We combine heat-maps, funnel recordings, analytics and primary research methods to study your prospects in specific periods to get the right insights. Build up a relevant customer´s persona and adapt your strategies faster.

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