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About us

An International Community

Results that lead the way

Founded in 2012, we started as a small digital agency, growing next to our clients.

Nowadays we provide a full range of web solutions and marketing services to companies from different sectors in North/Latin America and Europe.

From the start, we put all our efforts to deliver competitive website and digital solutions for particulars and medium size businesses – without compromising quality.

Our core values

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Our system and working methodology is designed with turn-key solutions in mind. Our developers use hand on approach to quickly spot improvements and any issues with your site. This makes it easy for any business to establish their online presence effectively.

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We´ve born out of a passion to take high-level marketing strategies used by big business, and put them to the reach of the small business owner. Regardless of your company´s budget or size, we have solutions that will exceed your expectations.

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We believe that staying in touch and updating our clients about new opportunities within their marketplace is the best way to help them grow. Therefore we always establish a fluent communication using the channels that appeal you.

Skills & Expertise

We pride our selves on producing great results while keeping costs affordable. Our digital skills are focused on website development & design, Social media management and SEO & content optimisation.

We always have different ways to stay in touch and update our clients about their work. Therefore we offer 24 h worldwide support through direct channels as telephone, messaging, whatsapp, email or skype. We also offer connectivity in form of indirect channel through personalized client´s dashboards, so in this way you can always stay updated with the progress made toward your projects in real time.

Besides our global distance we are conformed as a solid team with a fluent & fast communication thanks to our system´s flow. That´s why we can offer our best support in answering your questions, fixing any bugs and implementing your projects with success from the start.

Once you start your project, one of our advisers will be in touch with you and hold your back during its whole elaboration and launching. This will help you assure that your decisions are following the right path.

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Our main group of advisers

Founder & Developer
Jairo García

Digital engineer with extensive experience in Media communications and security systems

Co-founder & Marketing
Jorge Vina

Digital marketing & client Support, specialised in business strategy and Social media.

Web designer & SEO
Akshay Sihag

Content writer, web developer and positioning with 5 years on-field experience.

Web developer
Elmar Aliyev

Web developer with extensive experience in different language coding.

Creative & Marketing
Edward Nobeggel

Veteran designer specialised in brand development and online positioning for brands.

Logo designer
Adolfo Rojas

Conceptual thinking on design with an extensive understanding of brand image for business.

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