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5 advanced content marketing tactics for small businesses

digital marketing conntent strategy

5 advanced content marketing tactics for small businesses

Marketers know how to keep an eye on the future to stay ahead of with new trends, emerging channels, and new ideas to deliver brand messages. With 2017 flying down the pipeline, now is the time to start examining what the “New Year” is meaning and going to mean for content marketing.

Here are 5 advanced content marketing tactics to help your small business stand out of the crowd in 2017.

Expert blogging to boost awareness

Nowadays lots of companies fall on being more concerned with their SEO than the actual quality of their content. Blogging isn’t exactly a new promotional strategy for businesses. But it’s important to have an actual plan for how you can use a blog to really boost online awareness.

Audiences are starting to take notice that there is a difference between valuable blog content and not so important writing.  From this year on, brands will start to invest in bringing their digital writing to the next level, which may mean sometimes hiring an “industry expert”.

Create converting innovative content.

Whether you’re creating blog posts, social media or other types of content, you need to always keep in mind how that content is going to convert customers. Advertisements are often interruptive while marketing through content is informational, entertaining and engaging.

When you consider that approximately 60 percent of consumers prefer to watch content, instead of reading it, then the power of video marketing becomes immediately apparent. Video content will continue to build momentum and audiences will be looking for it more in 2017.

But creating content is not just about videos or blog posts. There are many other ways to engage with users in other formats. It is important to create “a good mix” of content. Considering some of these ones combined with your social media channels, can also bring good levels of engagement:

  • LIVE Video
  • Infographics
  • eBooks
  • Visual quotes
  • GIFs
  • White papers/Reports
  • Podcasts

Mobile-centric user experience.

In the last years mobile overtake desktop in usage and search. As a result, there was a big push in 2016 for small businesses to ensure that their web pages were optimized for mobile browsing.

Mobile-centric involves a lot of technologies and platforms, some of which are still emerging and only now being utilized for small business marketing purposes. The following are all mobile technologies that small businesses could begin implementing into their content-based strategies:

  • Mobile Apps: If you do anything mobile-related in 2017, then get a mobile app. Small businesses have been slow to build apps for their brands because of the high price point of mobile development. However, you can check out this list for detailed reviews of affordable app builders.
  • Mobile Payment Services: Consumers are increasingly adopting mobile pay services like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. So from a marketing standpoint, you not only want to offer this service, but also advertise that it is a viable payment option for your business.

Improve Social Media marketing with the use of listening tools.

Social media is almost the same realm as blogging, in that it is something that almost everyone is doing, but very few are doing well. Even if you are creating high-quality content and regularly responding to comments, questions and complaints, you may be missing out on a lot of valuable information. Specifically, companies aren’t getting the most out of their social media data.

Social media platforms are a significant contributor to big data because there are a lot of engagements on these services, thus, you can be actively listening and collecting this data to elaborate the appropriate content strategies for your business.

Each social media platform have their own listening and monitoring  tools, where you can see from what is going on in your base of users (followers), to pay for ads and improve your reach.

But before starting your social media content strategy, the most important factor is deciding which are the channels that will drive more leads to your business. For this you might have to consider some key factors as:

  • The industry you participate in (retailing, internet/web/e-comerce, services….)
  • BC2 or B2B orientation
  • The user profile you are targeting (persona, demographics, tastes, most used social media channels…)

Content Marketing Strategy + Data informed decision making.

As it happens with social media monitoring data tools, most of small organizations lack of sophisticated systems and existing data culture that make a real data-driven approach possible.

The right balance is to look for an intermediate point of data-driven decisions without deviation from the end content strategy.  Companies should be pairing their data-born insights with the existing knowledge and opinions of their team members. This approach yields the safety and best results that doesn’t require you to overhaul the IT department.

For small businesses having a clear content strategy from the beginning can be a big issue. That´s why if you are just starting and want to “create a brand” online, you should focus more on a content marketing approach by responding to the next questions:

  • Do you know your target audience?
  • What would your audience like to read?
  • How should you interact with them?
  • Does your content answer the right questions?
  • What motivates them for their buying decisions?
  • Are your topics aligned with your company’s wider strategy?

More questions will keep coming on in the time your business keep growing, and that reveals the real art of creating an online content marketing strategy: A constant learning from your market, competitors and audience during the time.

Do you agree with the tactics you have seen in this article? Have you seen some unexpected trends or changes from previous years? We would love to hear what you have to say. Let us know in the comments.

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The best of Indratek Insights right in your inbox

Indratek Insight´s weekly Newsletter delivers the latest digital marketing reviews, tech news and offers direct to your inbox.

No spam, we promise. You can unsubscribe at any time and we´ll never share your details without your permission.